Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leather Fringe, Emerald and Gloom

I think from this post and from a lot of my previous ones you can make certain assumptions about me: I like leather and I like those shoes. If you did make those assumptions, you are completely correct lol.

I have a really bad caffeine buzz right now so my thoughts are everywhere lol. I think I have had maybe 4 large cups within the last 3-4 hours....yea....I'm an caffeine-aholic :/ So everything makes sense, I;m going to number my thoughts for the day lol. Here goes:

1. I don't know whether it's because the weather is changing or if I'm just changing but my wardrobe seems to be gravitating towards the dark side. I took a step back this morning and realized I have so much black, dark red, leather...dude.....what's going on? lol.

2.Zara had that EXACT same skirt in the spring for almost $100 and guess what? Now Forever 21 has them for $30. If you are feeling it I say go get them like NOW because there was only one left in my size and that was last week. Speaking of which, I havent done a trend on a budget post in a while. My apologies; it seemed to have slipped my mind but no worries I should have a couple up this month.

3. This is my crazy hair when I haven't straightened it. One of the many times you will see it in this state this semester. So please dont judge me *in Chris Brown voice* lol

4. A friend of mine is in a iHeartRihanna contest on twitter so PLEASE RETWEET HERE so he can meet her <3 Thank youuuu! :) I hope it's not too late 

5. I keep forgetting to put this here. I have a Facebook Page now for DRS so if you want to keep up with my posts LIKE IT please  and tell your friends about it :) Click HERE

6. I should be a having a give-away soon *YAY* and this week you will be meeting my lovely photographer and makeup artist from New Orleans

7. Lastly, a little word about the Summer-to-Fall transition. Since the weather is still manageable, use this time to update your fall/winter wardrobe and deal with the occasional chill with an oversized sweater over any summer outfit. A nice leather jacket and tights should help you into fall.

Now back to le books, I have a 20-page lab report due tomorrow, topped off with an exam, oh and did i mention I have a presentation (which I'm not prepared for) on Tuesday and another exam on Thursday and problem sets due....FUN! -_____-  If anyone wants to skype....i should be up till 5am...or so? lol

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers

September, it was real!

Yours Truly


Sweater: Zara
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: ASOS (old)

Photographed by Opemipo Abiodun


  1. I love this post. Love your honesty, and maybe I love it even more because I am on a coffee high right now too! Looking fab!

    Understated Classics

  2. Great, innovative and good taste.

  3. Amazing outfit !!
    Beautiful necklace !!!