Friday, November 30, 2012

Play on Tulle

 Some time in the first week of October, Obinna, Faith and I some how ended up talking about photography and art. I am sure you all remember some of Obi's work (if you don't go back to my FIRST five posts or check out his facebook page HERE). After talking and bouncing ideas off each other we decided to do a creative shoot of our own. Faith helped out creatively, Obi took the pictures/directed and I styled the shoot.

 It was more for fun (and practice) than for anything but the pictures turned out amazing and we had fun in the process! we were going for something sophisticated yet minimalistic by sticking with solid colors, simple silhouettes and minimal makeup. I decided to use chiffon because it makes nice flowy gowns and tulle because its just fun to use. The black bustier was made out of tulle wrapped around me and then accessorized with a faux fur sash. These are only a few of my favorite ones and I might update this post once I get my hands on a couple of my favorites :). The rest of them should be up on Obi's facebook page and/or his Flickr some time soon. BIG BIG thumbs up to Obi. I adore the picture :) <3

As my horrible week draws to an end, I sit here on my bed with some comfort food (chinese and brownies) and an episode of Homeland. I just came out of an exam and you know that feeling you get when you know it didnt go too well....yea.....i've got that feeling :(

Before i try to sleep my sadness away, I just want to say there will be a post or two up soon. With Thanksgiving, school and a couple of other stuff, this month has been more than busy for me so I apologize for my absence.

The week is almost over!! TGIF :)

Goodnight :)

Yours Truly


Fabrics: Tulle and Chiffon
Styled by me
Hair and Makeup: We winged it :) lol
Creative Director: Faith Keza
Photographed by Obinna Ukwuani

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meet Vanya

 OKAY so I dyed my hair. Every year, right around this time, I seem to have a strong urge to change the color of my hair. I have been saying for the last FOUR months or more that I want to go REALLY dark and every time it came down to it, I would chicken out. I don't know what it is about dark hair that scared the shit outta me. I feel like I might be have been more willing to go blonde (although I'm not too sure it would look good on me). But i did it! I went through with it. the truth is I actually kind of chickened out at hair salon. I said I wanted Black and then changed my mind to dark brown and then a lighter dark brown but then the hair stylist ended up doing a really dark brown which actually looks black. I saw it and I was like HOLY COW! What the hell have I done to me! AAHHHH! (freak out some more) and then I go back to my room and stare at myself for what seemed like hours, skype calling friends and family just trying calm my ass down. After maybe an hour, I was okay and then I started to embrace my new hair. I feel like a new, different person and so today I would like to introduce my extreme brunette Russian assassin alter ego, Vanya. She only comes out when I'm drunk so aside from a dark haired Marcie, you won't see Vanya on a daily basis but just know....she's there..watching O_o lol

Now back to my look. This look was actually inspired by that Givenchy look in a recent post "Animalistic". That Givenchy sweater costs about $500 and after a few days of obsessing over it, I decided that a piece of fabric with a Rottweiler printed on it was not deserving of my $500 (This is not to say that I think Givenchy is horrible, I LOVE that sweater but I would much rather buy more than one sweater with $500 lol). So I found a roaring tiger sweater at Zara and figured it would be an awesome substitute (Score!). What do you guys think? I also think I like really animal-y stuff......i dont know why lol Oh and did you notice my red wedge sneakers :)

Finally, I would like give a huge birthday shout out to my sister and friend Somi. She is an amazing, beautiful, talented, driven and oh-so-freaking-sexy woman who happens to have a very special place in my heart. Love you sis!

Okay I need to get back to work. Goodnight my lovelies. HAPPY MONDAY and have a good week!

Yours Truly,


PS: A very BIG shout out to Faith Keza for being my photographer!

Photographed by Faith Keza