Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meet Vanya

 OKAY so I dyed my hair. Every year, right around this time, I seem to have a strong urge to change the color of my hair. I have been saying for the last FOUR months or more that I want to go REALLY dark and every time it came down to it, I would chicken out. I don't know what it is about dark hair that scared the shit outta me. I feel like I might be have been more willing to go blonde (although I'm not too sure it would look good on me). But i did it! I went through with it. the truth is I actually kind of chickened out at hair salon. I said I wanted Black and then changed my mind to dark brown and then a lighter dark brown but then the hair stylist ended up doing a really dark brown which actually looks black. I saw it and I was like HOLY COW! What the hell have I done to me! AAHHHH! (freak out some more) and then I go back to my room and stare at myself for what seemed like hours, skype calling friends and family just trying calm my ass down. After maybe an hour, I was okay and then I started to embrace my new hair. I feel like a new, different person and so today I would like to introduce my extreme brunette Russian assassin alter ego, Vanya. She only comes out when I'm drunk so aside from a dark haired Marcie, you won't see Vanya on a daily basis but just know....she's there..watching O_o lol

Now back to my look. This look was actually inspired by that Givenchy look in a recent post "Animalistic". That Givenchy sweater costs about $500 and after a few days of obsessing over it, I decided that a piece of fabric with a Rottweiler printed on it was not deserving of my $500 (This is not to say that I think Givenchy is horrible, I LOVE that sweater but I would much rather buy more than one sweater with $500 lol). So I found a roaring tiger sweater at Zara and figured it would be an awesome substitute (Score!). What do you guys think? I also think I like really animal-y stuff......i dont know why lol Oh and did you notice my red wedge sneakers :)

Finally, I would like give a huge birthday shout out to my sister and friend Somi. She is an amazing, beautiful, talented, driven and oh-so-freaking-sexy woman who happens to have a very special place in my heart. Love you sis!

Okay I need to get back to work. Goodnight my lovelies. HAPPY MONDAY and have a good week!

Yours Truly,


PS: A very BIG shout out to Faith Keza for being my photographer!

Photographed by Faith Keza

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  1. I love it. I think the dark hair makes you look extra beautiful. It also makes your hair look really shiny. Lolz