Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Leonie :)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace <3

I don't think I have formally introduced my really really good friend to you all. I mean, I have mentioned her several times but never really had a post about her. So here goes...this is Leonie :) and she is amazing and awesome and she is just IT for me. I love her to bits! She recently just graduated so a BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS Congratulations to her...again :) She wore this outfit to a friend's graduation lunch. It's  casual but with a Leonie twist.

My week, in a nut shell, was amazingly amazing. I went to an intern event in Houston, met a bunch of interns and networked with some important people from the company. It was fun and informative so "yay!" to that :). Im back in Nola and I'm worn out from the week's events. I know I said I would do all the touristy stuff but I'm so so so so so tired. However, I think I might make a trip to the French Quarters tonight and then go for some beignets and cafe au lait from the famous Cafe Du Monde :)

Leonie is wearing:

Top: Express
Jeans: Zara
Necklace: Aldo
Shoes: Sam Edelman c/o Nordstrom
Bag: Aldo
Lipstick: MAC "rebel"

It's Sunday :( and that means tomorrow is Monday....obviously. As much as it pains me say, HAPPY MONDAY :)

Yours Truly,

Marcie and Leonie <3

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