Monday, October 29, 2012


During my study break I was deleting some old stuff off my laptop when I realized I had these and never posted them. These were taken about a month ago when the sun was setting. You get a pretty good view of the Turf and a few dorms.

 The view from Cambridge into Boston

As I've said before, I love animal print but NOW I'm seriously obsessing over Givenchy's graphic print t-shirts and sweaters. My favorite one so far is the Shark tee. I mean it is FIERCE in every sense of the word.
Ila 23. taken from chictopia

Chiara Ferragni

Side note: Why do hurricanes follow me around? I leave Louisiana after a hurricane only to come back to Boston to meet one. On a somewhat brighter note, class got cancelled today and I caught up on all the work I ignored over the weekend so...yay? lol

Have an amazing week!

Photographed by Faith Keza

Top: Zara
Necklace: Aldo

PS: Sorry for my absence, it's been a hectic few weeks 

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  1. I am falling in love with Animal Print more often this season too. You look great in this top, it's really awesome!

    Understated Classics