Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simply Simple

pretty please excuse the wrinkles, i was sitting down for a while with my camera and bag on my lap lol

Today was BUSY! ugh. I have been running everywhere today because I need to get myself prepared for my summer in New Orleans. Yup, yup, I am heading to Louisiana for a Summer Internship at an oil company so after next week you might not be seeing anything up from me for a couple of weeks until I find a friend to take pictures of me lol. Oh, the life of a relocating blogger smh lol. I assure you I will make friends so please do not abandon le blog completely :) The good news is Faithie from "Have a little Faith" wants to be featured again and Leonie might do feature too (I haven't asked yet but I'm gonna beg :) ).

In other news, Ramzi (RAY) from "RAY of light" will be taking my pictures for a post next week when he's free. He is really talented and I am really excited about it so keep an eye out

Anyhu, this is the last post of the week. See you again on Sunday/Monday :)
HAPPY FRIDAY! :) Don't party too hard

Yours Truly,


Dress: French Connection (thrifted from Second Time Around for only $20)
Shoes: Aldo
Cuffs: H&M
Bag: Akkua designs (Ghanaian bag designer based in NYC)

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